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We are thinkers, businessmen, strategists, and developers.
We help forward-thinking companies to evolve their organizations,
empower human experiences and rapidly shape business transformation
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Bruita is a tech company established by guys from all around the globe, from different countries, backgrounds, and education. We decided to form this company because we enjoy sharing ideas with a strong passion and drive for success.

Strategic Investors

We support both small and innovative companies as well as established enterprises in delivering future-proof products and processes that exceed expectations. Furthermore, we make strategic investments in business areas which deem highly profitable and scalable, with app development and big data being the core areas of business for our company.


Since its foundation in 2017, Bruita has become a fast-growing ecosystem for Asian people who use our platform for their daily purchases. We aim to build a fledging business presence in Asia, the engine of the global economy.

Our Solution

PriceTag is a grocery price sharing platform that is targeting to launch
in Malaysia and subsequently expand throughout South East Asia.
The goal is to empower consumer with the information on prices so that,
they in turn, could shop smart and get the best possible deals for their groceries.


Users can either scan the product or enter the barcode number in order to match the details the product from our database.


Users compete with each other to submit the lowest price for an item. Those who submit the lowest price at the end of the countdown timer, earns reward.


When the timer ends, rewards can be redeemed.
The higher the savings achieved collectively by all our users, the hiigher the vouchers that will be rewarded.

How it works

PriceTag leverages on crowd-sourcing to source out price information from our users and in return, they will collect and accumulate points. Our business model of sourcing out price information from users who will collect points and redeeming it with vouchers ensures the buy-in from users to update prices constantly and accurately as well as drawing in users to download the app.

Barcode Scan

Barcode scanning for easy detections of products;


Comparison of cheapest price and nearest store-location (Geo-Tag);


Price Verifications by users

Price Monitor

Price Monitor that enables users to save their products baskets and monitor the real time price changes for their products that matters to them


Offer Feed features latest offers or promotion;

Meet Our Team

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Bob Raini holds a Master in Public Administration from the University of York, UK, Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Administration from Universiti Brunei Darussalam and Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Kent, UK. Throughout his career, he has worked with the government and think-tank agencies in Brunei Darussalam in various capacities from being a project manager, research associate, and special duties officer as well as serving as an academician with one of the premier university in Brunei, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. He initially developed a strong interest in strategic management and effective leadership during his academic studies and subsequently as he progressed throughout his career.

Bob Raini Rambli
Managing Partner
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Mattia Palesa is an Italian creative businessman who has had the opportunity to study and work around the world from Argentina to California passing through Germany and UK.
Curiosity and passion for new experience have made him patient yet hungry for more. He is a passionate team player and a highly a skilled individual who has worked in a different number of business companies, reaching at 26 the role of Brand Manager Apple and Mobile Solution Manager in Milan. Mattia obtained both a Bachelor Degree in International Trade and Master Degree in Sports Marketing and Management from the CaFoscari
University of Venice and a Certificate in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School.

Mattia Palesa
Managing Partner
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Sumeet gained a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Rashtrasant Tukodoji Maharaj Nagpur University. He improved his expertise in Web & Mobile application development over the years. Throughout his career, he got the opportunity to become the Administrator in one of a government project where he got renowned as the youngest administrator. He is always passionate about igniting his online presence through his quality work. So he focuses highly on quality in delivering products on time and cost-effectiveness of this product. He believes that his clients should just not be satisfied with the work he does, they must be impressed. He works to achieve perfect results so that his client could become one of the leaders in the respective domains.

Sumeet Jadhav
Chief Techology Officer


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